Lawn mower on the grass during the summer day


Most of the peoples think, there is a need to apply lots of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, and water to have a beautiful yard. But it is actually not difficult to grow a grass in most part of the country. First, you need to work from the soil to have beautiful grass in your lawn.

Aerate your lawn

Many peoples spend most of the times on their lawn, especially the kids and pets. Foot traffic and lawn machinery can cause the compact on the soil. So it creating a difficult environment for soil microbes and grassroots. To move water, air, and nutrients into the root zone, the air passages in the soil is necessary. And also the beneficial organisms in the soil such as earthworms cannot establish in the compacted soil.

If you want to really make your grass into green and beautifully, you should regularly aerate your lawn.  Lawn aeration means punching about 3 inches deep holes throughout the lawn areas. Lawn aeration helps to circulate the air freely by loose the soil. You can help to grow the grass properly by using lawn aeration and also it makes the grass better use of water, air, and nutrients. The microorganisms also establish themselves in the soils and it helps to make the soil healthy.

There are many ways available to aerate your lawn. You can aerate your lawn by using a large aerating machine or using a simple handheld aerating tool.

Water your lawn deeply

For making healthy and beautiful grass, you should water your lawn deeply. Just a few minutes turning on your sprinkler won’t help to make a beautiful lawn. So you have to learn to water your lawn deeply. This helps to keep your grass green and fresh.

Use natural lawn fertilizers

Natural fertilizers can help to keep your lawn healthy. These fertilizers also better to the environment. So you should use natural fertilizers instead of using synthetic fertilizers. There are a number of natural lawn fertilizers available to choose. Using natural fertilizers is healthy for your family and your environment.

Cut your grass in the correct height

Cutting your grass in the correct height is one of the important ways to keep your grass healthy and green. Different grass spices need different grass cutting length. Setting your lawnmower to the minimum setting or maximum setting is not best for the grass. So you have to check before cutting the grass.